HAPPENINGText: Azusa Igeta

“Actually, people are also a part of nature.”

This work also included an interview with Takeshi Yoro, an anatomist living in Kamakura. Our human body is made by eating vegetables, grains, and animals born on the earth. In other words, human beings are materially integrated with nature, Yoro says.

Nature is noble and beautiful. People would almost prostrate in front of the power of nature, mountains, the sea, the earth, the sun shining in the clear blue sky, the stars and the moon in the night sky, the rain, the snow, and the thunder.

Photo: Rai Shizuno © CINEMA CARAVAN

A beautiful view of the vast ocean and mountains spread out on the screen. Leaving himself to the flow, the harmony of the violin by Otoji + Ray and the contrabass by Arco was mixed in the noble figure that exists in nature and speaks silently to the audience.

Photo: Rai Shizuno © CINEMA CARAVAN

Modern people, covered in concrete, overflowing with things, and evolving day by day, have forgotten that they coexist with nature, have separated themselves from the magnificent circle of nature, and have created a human-centered utopia. However, by building trust, cooperating, and uniting with our peers, humans may illuminate the earth brightly.

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