HAPPENINGText: Azusa Igeta

Next, the screen shows the figures of men carrying a portable shrine while bathing in sparks and yelling. It’s the Abare Festival in Noto.

Photo: Rai Shizuno © CINEMA CARAVAN

‘Festivals’ are a culture that has been spun by humans throughout the world. Regardless of the social position or title, the groove that is created by gathering people with wisdom and body is the energy that humans originally have.

Photo: Rai Shizuno © CINEMA CARAVAN

NAOITO’s song “dot.A” is played along with the video of the lively festivals in each country. The fusion, between the pleasure of the moments with instinct and the combination of lively people and Afrobeat, will naturally start audiences to move even if they are seated. This was the moment when the truth that cannot be conveyed in words was expressed with music; the beat that was born in Nigeria is incredibly harmonious with the scenes of festivals around the world and the steps of Awa Odori mixed throughout the footage.

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