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PEOPLEText: Emma Chi

Tell me about your new works.

I photographed works which are about environmental protection, resources, and culture. There are works I shot outside China. My perspective would be limited if I focus on only China. The culture of East and West are highly intertwined – and I’m expressing the society through my body.

When you are creating your work, do you intentionally try to see other people’s reactions?

No, I do not. If someone passes me and realise I am there, it means that the work is not complete. So, I do not try to draw or wait for someone’s attention. Usually people are a bit suspicious about me and do not understand what I am doing.

Do all your artworks represent rebellion or resistance?

I believe that in contemporary art, you need to find one problem and dig into that particular subject. I am a rebellious person, and I think that purpose of art is to spread the ideology.

Liu Bolin
Hiding in the City No.36, 2007 © Liu Bolin

What is your favourite work of yours?

My favourite is “Grey Beginning”. This was shot in an art festival – held only once, and never held again. It was such a cold day, like -2 degrees. When I was being painted, it felt as if someone is cutting me with a Katana. I still remember when this photograph was taken.

Liu Bolin
Sawmill © Liu Bolin

Do you think you will create your work with different methods?

Of course. I told you that I like Picasso and Andy Warhol, and I like them because they are not the traditional artists – they used different methods in different ways. And so am I.
I like to try out different art forms, languages, and media and create new artworks. For example, I learned sculpture in university so I might create sculpture in the future.

What is your goal as an artist?

I don’t know. I think it depends on my luck and efforts. If you think you were a flower, you would think that you would like to be bigger and more beautiful, and more elegant.

Text: Emma Chi
Translation: Chinami Oda

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