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PEOPLEText: Noriyuki Abe

What was happened in Paris when you were teen-agaer and now?

I am just better.


Do you have any new field or media in your mind in which you want to try your expression in the future ?

Mixing interests me, and paradox is often the beginning of good ideas; maybe opposed the  invisible Art of concepts, with plastic Art is an amusing way, (René Magritte was a smart investigator of this game); tell that you can’t see to transform the plastic. To find a good paradox, the opposition need to be strong and the solution of this contrast will be bland.

Video interest me more and more cause all the tools are there to make smooth oppositions also i see the future in the colors of the Signs.

Could you explain about this video ?

Signature is an unusual act of writing that engages the entire body in its relationship to letters, the space of the city and the tool (painting in spray). Staging, signature, reveals fluidity and agility. Of the line and of the body, which merge and form a choreography. The perception of body and signature, intimately linked to the sound of the “gong” that rhythmic gestures and interludes, in the form of cloud and sun, participates in a kind of cosmogony far from the illegal act that is being played. The performative force of the act of signing is no longer here its self-referential dimension but its power to transform the signature into painting and painting into.


Please tell us your favorite artists?

Blade, Clint176, Eric Rohmer

Please let us know 5 songs of your favorite just now.

Ten Wanted Men “Junkie Junt
Brigitte Fontaine “il se passe des choses
Georgia Anne Muldrow “suite for ma dukes untitled/fantastic” (full version)
Krucifix Clan “6 feet deep
Can “ShikakoMaru Ten

Did you enjoy Tokyo? How was it?

I will come back.

Text: Noriyuki Abe

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