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House of the Very Island’s spring/summer 2010, Photos by Naoko Nambu

House of the Very Island’s Club Division Middlesex Klassenkampf But the Question Is Where Are You. Now?

I have to admit that despite mentioning this fashion label rather frequently and often including it in the articles I contribute to various magazines in Austria and abroad, I have never – until today – spelt out its entire name. And what a name it is! House of the Very Island’s was founded by a whole group of creatives working in fashion and art, and it’s thanks to designers Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner that the label is still around today. And livelier than ever, actually. Fashionistas from Tokyo recently had the opportunity to see the spring 2010 collection in a presentation during Tokyo Fashion Week. Markus and Karin emerge from Vienna’s underground scene, their work functions at the intersection between various disciplines involving music and youth culture. The label’s characteristically relaxed (and somewhat shapeless) look is the result of an explicitly urban approach of fashion. As the the designers insist on adding an extra dose of ecological sustainability, these garments are – luckily – as fashionable as they are good for the environment.

Text: Daniel Kalt from AUSTRIANFASHION.NET

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