Melrose Avenue, a few minutes drive away from Beverly Hills, is recently know as a cool spot like SOHO in New York. Young people in the street enjoy their own tastes in fashion, music, art, and subculture in diversity.

Funkeys Custom Art ShowFunkeys Custom Art Show

Munky King is a shop, which is located in the middle of Melrose Avenue, mainly sells eccentric art figures besides art books and T-shirts etc. and also sets the exhibit show with related artists. “FUNKEYS: CUSTOM ART SHOW & CHARITY EVENT” is thrown at this venue from Sep 26th.

A clean white store lights up your collection zest. You can see various kinds of art figures on display. There is a gallery space behind a DJ booth. This is the place for pop cultures in LA.

Funkeys Custom Art Show

“I would like to produce a peculiar artistic figure”, Munky King PR/MA director, Plex tells. “An artist’s vision comes first anytime. Since 2002, we’ve been in this business for original figure productions and sales. We also consider a support for young artists as our vision.” They are to arouse the art culture scene in LA from this Monkey King giving opportunities to young local artists. You can see for certain an individual artist through many of figures here. These allow all adult and child both man and woman to be entertained.
Plex continues, “All young toy freaks and kids come to visit here. Just like ‘We Love Toyes'”.

This event also features a charity support for children fighting against diseases besides young artists. A proposer of the event is one of the major toy maker in US, Mattel Inc. They are know for Barbie doll and Hot Wheels and they have Mattel Children’s Foundation that supports kids struggling with illness.

Funkeys Custom Art Show

They sell a TV game for PC, called Funkeys, which is not that well-know in Japan yet. A big bear-shaped figure with USB cable is the main part of the body and a small one is a software which can be attached on the top of the body so that you can play different games. Of course you can play on line with other players all over the world.

Funkeys Custom Art Show

This Funkeys is thought up by a toy designer at Mattel, Mr. Ethan Wood. He can be found enjoying the show among others. (Photo from left: Mr. Plex, Mr.&Mrs.Wood, Mr.Patrick of Monkey King executive)

Original Works of 250 artists by Monkey King decorating given snow white resin figures by Funkeys featured on view in the show. They draw patterns or face, hairs or beards… Some turns into a completely different shape! Each work is finely finished and unique. All items are up for auction and sales go to children suffering from illness.

Funkeys Custom Art Show
“I.M. Inna Funk” by Jeff Levine

Funkeys Custom Art Show
“Punkey Funkey” by Kislap

Funkeys Custom Art Show
“Untitled” by SANO(ism) / “Untitled” by Jim Mahfood

Funkeys Custom Art Show
“The Funk Sucker” by el gato / “Funkey King” by El Gringo

“Our main clients are usually figure collectors between 20’s and 30’s. But I am so glad to work on something for children on this occasion.” Mr.Plex told me happily at last.

The even continues until midnight running high. Funkeys exhibit on view through Oct 15th. You can also take a look at here for works. Don’t miss these current LA art scene!

Date: Sep 26th – Oct 15th, 2008
Place: Munky King
Address: 7308 Melrose Ave LA 90046

Text and photos: Nico
Translation: Yoshitaka Futakawa

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