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Something Beautiful

Zhang Jingna ExhibitionZhang Jingna Exhibition
The Haunting © Zhang Jingna

There is a new wave of designers in Singapore. In fact, a whole new generation of Singaporeans. With globalism and the evolution of the global citizen, the cross fertilization of cultures, ideas and identity create a new persona, one that requires new understanding.

Zhang Jingna Exhibition
Forgotten Fairytales © Zhang Jingna

Something Beautiful is one such manifestation. A prolific collection of frozen dreams and of crystalised tales. Textured, vivid images captured by twenty year old Zhang Jingna takes on many personas. Born in Beijing, China, bred in Singapore, Jingna the commercial and fashion photographer showcases the cross breeding of cultures there are marginally differentiated.

Zhang Jingna Exhibition
Kozue © Zhang Jingna

A swift story where within a short span of two years upon picking up the camera, these ethereal instances have found commercial success across numerous fashion spreads. Upon first approach, these moments come across as Western. As one focuses, a differing quality emerges. Not specifically oriental, a twist presents itself throughout the series.

Zhang Jingna Exhibition
Redemption © Zhang Jingna

The new global artist, designer is expected to take on more than the usual expectations, but to fuse elements of other expectations to create something new, something unexpected from the usual.

Something Beautiful
Date: September 12th – 23rd, 2008
Time: 10:00-22:00
Place: The Arts House, Print Gallery
Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore

Text: Fann ZJ

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