HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner

OFFF 2008
Sony Bravia paint ad by Fallon

Last conference of the OFFF Lisbon ’08 is about to begin. Fallon, the award-winning agency behind the Sony Bravia and the Cadbury Gorilla TV ads, offer a very inspiring, entertaining and communicative presentation to remember. Don’t miss the Gorilla mash-ups at youtube!

OFFF 2008
Flexo performance

The festival closes with a performance by Flexo. A live piano and minimal electronic beats synced to the lights in the room! Tones flashing around us bring the event to its end, and Héctor Ayuso, director of the festival, happily proclaims that OFFF 2009 will be hosted by the LX Factory in Lisbon again!

OFFF keeps growing and adapting to its new conditions. The new location in Lisbon has a great potential, but some important things need to be corrected next year. Personally, I think the projections room (Cinexin) was too loud and too close to the conference hall; which could be annoying for the people around it.

The program booklets have an extremely tiny type face which is impossible to read under the light conditions inside the building; and, as usual, it is impossible to assist to everything happening during the event. I would personally love to have two hours less of conferences during the day, but a longer evening program with the bar and music performances in the main stage.

I would also like to mention that the exhibition (Showplace) has been dramatically reduced this year. Hope to see more stuff next year!

OFFF 2008

In spite of the mentioned above, OFFF is a great event full of inspiration, motivation and a great and unique environment. The organization keeps unbeatable ticket fees for the audience if we compare it to other similar events. Thank you very much OFFF! I am very excited and I am already looking forward to the 2009 edition. See you in Lisbon!

OFFF Lisbon 2008
Date: May 8th – 10th, 2008
Place: LX Factory in Lisbon

Text: Eduard Prats Molner
Photos: Eduard Prats Molner

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