HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner

The data visualization panel is moderated by José Luis de Vicente and showcases work from Santiago Ortiz (Bestiario), Aaron Koblin and Manuel Lima. After an introduction by José Luis; Manuel Lima presents his project visual complexity, a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks.

OFFF 2008
Access to Openroom and Loopita (left)

Santiago Ortiz presents the new website of Bestiario and some of their latest projects. Bestiario uses Flash to create complex data visualization interfaces published on the web. Aaron Koblin is an artist, designer and researcher focusing on the creation and visualization of human systems. Aaron presents brilliant projects such as The Sheep Market and Ten Thousand Cents, both realized with the drawings by the workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Workers were paid 0.02 ($USD) to “draw a sheep facing to the left”; and 0.01 ($USD) to draw a tiny portion of a 100$ bill without knowledge of the overall task. The results were exhibit in several museums and galleries; and are available for sale. I actually found myself buying a 20 sheep block while writing this piece of text.

OFFF 2008
Inside the mercadillo tent

Fakepilot is the alter ego of Swedish motion designer and director Mattias Lindberg. As in his Tokyo presentation, Mattias is being introduced by his alter ego, turning his presentation into some kind of performance or show before his speech.

I am not sure if I really got it; but the strange attitude of Mattias, making fun of some Japanese people in a weird video; and the fact that he spent most of the time showing really old work and their rip-offs, is an unpleasant and most embarrassing experience in my 7 lovely OFFF editions so far.

OFFF 2008
Hana by Andreas Müller

Andreas Müller and Chris O’Shea present their very nice work during the interactive design panel. Andreas talks about Hana, a program for generating flowers with beautiful results that are also exhibit at the OFFF 2008 exhibition (Showplace).

OFFF 2008
Typographic illustration by Alex Trochut

If I would have to choose one, I would pick out Alex Trochut conference this year. Alex is a type designer and very talented illustrator based in Barcelona. He keeps a humble attitude with a sweet introduction about his grandfather’s work. He follows his presentation by showing the process of several typography and illustration work fo clients like Rolling Stones, British Airways, Beautiful Decay, Nike, Channel 4, Diesel, and many more. A very interesting presentation, with very god explanations of the processes involved on his work. He is being constantly applauded and he really deserves it!

OFFF 2008
Monster Burnout by Hi-Res!

Second day of the festival comes to the end with the presentation of Hi-Res! Florian Schmidt presents some of the latest work bi hi-res! Probably, the most impressive piece of work is the Monster Burnout, a 3D flash & papervision game developed by Mr.doob.

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