HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner

During 2007 summer, Berlin’s Haus am Waldsee museum was entirely dedicated to Henry Moore’s work. The selection for this exhibition took as a starting point the late 1950s, when Moore first fragmented the human figure in order to convey a sense of metamorphosis with the land. Moore’s interest in landscape was lifelong; he had for over thirty years been looking at the female form as a metaphor for the earth.

Henry Moore Exhibition

The exhibition was mainly divided into two areas, each one located in one of the two floors of the museum’s house. The main floor was purely dedicated to Henry Moore’s sculpture and its reclining figures. The outstanding location of the museum allowed to show some of the big sculptures directly in the garden, just like Henry Moore would like them to be exhibit; in contrast with the sky.

Henry Moore Exhibition

The first floor showcased some more little sculptures, sketches and some of Moore’s drawings; starting by the reclining figures drawings and finishing with some of the latest Moore’s drawings.

Henry Moore Exhibition

Haus am Waldsee is a perfect location for such an exhibition. The beautiful nature surroundings allowed to showcase Moore’s sculpture in its natural way, and the distribution and space organization was excellent. The museum offered a remarkable personal video-guide making use of a pocket video device. The guide featured Moore’s video documentaries and direct impressions of art historians Dr. Katja Blomberg, Dr. Friedrich Meschede and Dr. Birgit Möckel.

The exhibition was presented in cooperation with the Henry Moore Foundation and was curated by Anita Feldman Bennet and Dr. Katja Blomberg.

Henry Moore: Imaginary Landscapes
Date: June 22nd – October 21st, 2007
Place: Haus am Wladsee
Address: 30 Argentinische Allee, 14163 Berlin
Tel: +49 30 801 8935

Text: Eduard Prats Molner
Photos: Marijana Mitrovic

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