HAPPENINGText: Sayaka Hirakawa

It was not so long ago we were so in love with TDK and VHS tape. Tape, tape tape… for so long, always with us but where is it now? The DVD and Mp3 gave made them relics before we could even finish setting our video recorders. Rewind and fast forward may still exist on our Ipods and DVD players, but we all know that it is just the dying throes of a gone medium. Why not transform your piles of old VHS tape into wool? Well… What else are you going to do with it?

Analogue Amnesty

Turning the tape into wool, then you will have a yarn with your sweet or spicy memories. Tatty Devine boutique in Brick Lane exhibit chunky weight yarn, made entirely from old VHS and analogue cassette tape, to protect you against the elements.

Analogue Amnesty

Tatty Devine, the accessory design duo by Harriet Vine&Rosie Wolfenden, began trading in Spitalfields market six years ago. The pendant heads of animals made by colourful plastic cut to different shapes are their well known design and loved all over the world. The playful design like the animal motif, birds, cats, bambi, and fairy tail like carriage and horses, must attracts girls with their childlike heart.

Analogue Amnesty

Rachael Matthews, a friend of the designers, exhibits “Analog Amnesty” at her small shop on Brick Lane. She asked people to bring old tape cassettes, and thanks to the death of video, there is an enormous surplus. The VHS cassettes are piled up over the room and there is a spinning wheel at the centre. Without it, they look like very geeky somebody’s room. The label of the cassettes may remind of you the memories of making a mix tape for that special somebody, making you feel very uncomfortable.

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