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Air Born, Air Borne, Air Pressure.

Paul McCarthy
Piggies, 2007.

This Paul McCarthy is an American artist, vastly influenced by Viennese Actionism (Body Art, Performances…).
Instead of just making paintings, this artist also produces videos, performances and sculptures.

Paul McCarthy
Santa Clause with Plug, 2007

His current exhibition shows massively large inflatable sculptures. McCarthy focuses on sex, agression and the current main stream of violence in daily mass media. But still it’s funny to see an enormous black plug between some trees. Or two piggies of which one’s head was chopped off.

Paul McCarthy
Black Plug, 2007

The museum is located behind the University of Antwerp, near to the Middelheim Hospital, in the southern suburbs of Antwerp. It’s a large green park, ideal for a walk at sunny weather. If there’s too much wind, the statues will be deflated for security reasons.

The temporary exhibition at the Middelheim Museum is located between the sculptures of the permanent open air collection. Admission is free.

Paul McCarthy – Air Born | Air Borne | Air Pressure
Date: 27th May – 28th October, 2007
Place: Middelheim Museum
Address: Middelheimlaan 61 B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 8271534

Text and photos: Filip De Haes

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