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HAPPENINGText: Ayako Yamamoto

There was a 3D printer in the hall, which just looks like a vending machine. I was open-mouthed by how actual latest technology could do. It was like a movie scene when I saw the print-out in 3D.


The impressive works by Tord Boontije were made by using the laser cut technique. The delicate shaped flowers and ivy will definitely catch your eye and will make anywhere in your room gorgeous, as you put them on a wall, a desk, and by the window.

Tord Boontije

“How the children experience the digital environment”. In front of the computer work by PIAUI, I found a interesting scene as adults were playing with the games for kids. It is the game like, when you click the mouse, pastel-colored pelicans, rabbits, deer, and mice start to walk. You can also play with cars, they start to move as you click the green light; they stop as you click the red light. His works are good for studying alphabet as well. Both of children and adults will love this colorful, friendly computer work.


In the nature and the technique, which develops as if holding out against the nature, the design seeks nature and then becomes curved line blending into the nature. I thought in this year’s DESIGNMAI.

Date: May 12th – 20th, 2007
Place: Hackescher Markt station
Address: 2 Spandauer Str., Berlin

Text: Ayako Yamamoto
Translation: Junko Isogawa
Photos: Ayako Yamamoto

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