HAPPENINGText: Yoshihiro Kanematsu

Adapter 2nd exhibition “Memai” was held from August 19th to September 17th at the Nanzuka Uunderground. “Memai” is the exhibition by a graphic artists’ group Adapter, which is lead by an Art Director Kenjiro Harigai, and the group had the show for the first time in two years in Japan. During the exhibition, the opening party was held as well as the talk show with the Video Director Miho Kinomura and Illustrator Kiyoshi Kuroda. Many of the art and design enthusiasts in Tokyo visited this show.

ADAPTER’s artworks are mixture of graphic design and video clips with beautiful artistic digital collage. Up until now, they have worked energetically by launching a visual label NWBA with their friends, publishing free magazine “Public/image.” and inviting RAMMELLIZEE to their parties. ADAPTER recently started the art project “Vermilion”, featuring up and coming new artists and creating innovative clothes.

Instead of commercial works which requires unique calculation and service to appeal its customers, their new artwork, according to Harigai, is “a result of sensuous creative activity followed by their own desire to express themselves”. In deed, all artworks in the exhibition, from beautiful, fancy portraits painted on the canvas to bended posters hanged on the wall, are unconventional, but have bold, unique power and looked very lively.

Their unconventional projects always possess a sharp sense, overwhelming quality and freshness. “Memai” exhibition impressed us with its broad dimension of works.
Their works showcase a new design which exists beyond our imagination and provide us with breathtaking experiences.

Mr. Harigai said, “the social environment around us have been changing drastically in many ways and it’s very interesting.” This drastic change is absolutely synchronizing with the change of Tokyo which is becoming the most interesting city in the world. As a solid platform of a new design and art scene, ADAPTER will continue to shake Tokyo with their esthetic and openheartedness.

Adapter “Memai”
Date: August 19th – September 17th, 2006
Place: Nanzuka Uunderground
Address: B1F, 2-17-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Text: Yoshihiro Kanematsu
Translation: Toyofumi Miura
Photos: Yoshihiro Kanematsu

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