NIKE 公式オンラインストア



In this project, three groups of artists occupy a part of the residence of freelance curators, Barbara Buchmaier and Jin Lie, as an exhibition space.

The first exhibition is a collaboration by Canadian artist Hayes-Chute and Brent Wadden. In the second exhibition, the works of Kei Takemura and Yoshiaki Kaihatsu are shown.

The photo above is a performance by Kei Takemura. He cut out the face of Ms. Buchmaier from his painting and served coffee while wearing a mask. The third group is scheduled to exhibit on May 14th.

Secret West

Dates: 2nd April, 23rd April, and 14th May, 2006
Place: Secret West Kreuzberg
Address: Koepenickerstr. 189, 10997 Berlin

Finally, the photo below shows a sight from Auguststrasse, a street designated for the Berlin Biennale.

It’s the magic of the Berlin Biennale that sparks such a playfulness.

Text and Photos: Yoshito Maeoka
Translation: Nem Kienzle

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