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HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

The exhibition “Painting As Presence: This Is Not A Love Song” is aimed at visitors who are curious and interested – parallel to the Berlin Biennial – in getting to know positions of painting with very different references and origins, the majority of which nonetheless emerged in Berlin.

The exhibition refers to the essence of the phenomenon of painting, whereby it also involves certain elements critical of the media. The works of progressive 2D artists, including artists in residence are exhibited here. Drawing media and the essence of the phenomenon of painting are the main emphasis of the selected art works.

Dominik Lejman

Dominik Lejman projected a video on an acrylic drawing.

Robert Lucander

Showing the wooden grain, Robert Lucander has drawn striking expressions with flat colors and seemingly stereoscopic lines.

Sven Druehl

The painting with the concept of material is by Sven Druehl.

Pablo Alonso

A piece by Metier and an overwhelming amount of work by Pablo Alonso are also on exhibit.

Painting As Presence: This Is Not A Love Song
Date: May 24th – April 23rd, 2006
Place: Kunstlerhaus Bethanien
Address: 2 Mairennenplatz, 10997 Berlin

Text: Yoshito Maeoka
Translation: Nem Kienzle
Photos: Yoshito Maeoka

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