HAPPENINGText: Yoshihiro Kanematsu

“Popular in Japanese writes as people’s aura, but an individual who has aura should have its circulation system” said Mr. Ukawa and I really gave him a nod. It says that in order to have a heart-tugging catch ball of hearts between a creator and a receiver, both need to have the same level of creativity. I think that with this “real” circle, there generate a healthy culture for us.

In the next session “Welcome to the world of heroines”, Novara Takemoto who slogans “Maiden equals hard-boiled” was absent because of oversleeping, there were Nameko Shinsan who uses a thrilling set of vocabularies, an eternal maiden Sayoko Yamaguchi, and a hunter of cute girls Kousei Yonehara came onstage. Point by point, Information about where is Novara was becoming snarled, panelists illustrated the ideas of “maidenness”, “fate” or “anti system” bit by bit.

Novara finally arrived at the session right before its closing.She was addressed by Ukawa and Novara replied her saying “Maidens are anarchists!” I was impressed becasue Novara made a great synchronicity to Ukawa’s address without attending the whole session. It certainly showed Maiden’s hard-boiled way of life that was created in the system where people cannot escape from sexual differences, and I understood somehow that this way of life is nothing but creativity.

After an intermission, the conference restarted with “We don’t need catalogue magazines!” session. We still remember last year’s gamy session between Hiroshi Fujiwara and Takeshi HIrakawa. This year for this session that races around Tokyo’s fashion scene, Masato Ochi, Yoko Morimoto (ex 109’s “Karisuma” charismatic fashion consultant, now a producer of Moussy), Fumihiro Hayashi (Editor in chief of DUNE), Kanya MIki (a fashion designer who graduated Belgium’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts top on the list, and Nozomi Ishiguro (a fashion designer who holds guerilla fashion shows around the world), gathered on the stage. From “Gal” to “Mode”, it was surely a mixed and fancy lineup.

When they were talking on the topic about “What is creativity?”, the host Mr. Shigeki raised his voice saying “That’s why Tokyo’s creative scene sucks!” Mr. Shigeki hit on Mr. Hayashi. Mr. Shigeki asks “Why don’t you explain for people who are unfamiliar to this industry!” Mr. Hayashi says ” We have no choice because it cannot be explained in words. People’s conscious minds are also important.” More details will be covered in the magazine, but a communication between closed/open industry’s context and a more sensitive context between being able to verbalize and not-being able to verbalize blurred into each other. However, if audiences wanted this kind of lively time, this was truly today’s highlight moment.

While all of this was going on, the topic moved to the last question “What can we get inspirations from?”, and Mr. Ishiguro answered “A part of egg where is pur pur and glaze of hormone”. Mr. Ishiguro’s answer calmed down the stage and charmed audiences out.

At evening, there were alcohols on the table. In addition, Norimizu Ameya and Jonny Hardstuff whose shocking video works caused controversy, and a Tokusyu-manga-ka Takashi Nemoto took the platform. The theme of this session was “whole body performance artists” but its hidden theme was “sperm”.

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