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PEOPLEText: Gisella Lifchitz

The artist Rodrigo Vazquez Avila works with his hand and his mind. His artwork can be defined as purely a matter of imagination. Through a cathartic liberation, he stands in another place to see his own world. And what’s best, he succeeds.

Right now, Rodrigo is working on a possible game or website called “My artwork of your artwork”. The story began a while ago, when people told him that his artwork was somewhat sequential; one can just “travel” from one piece to another. So he thought about the possibility of modifying one of his art works through virtual technology, by using a pc game or program, even a possible website. That game would allow the user or viewer to change the properties and details of one of his artworks in particular.

The project has a lot to do with the way he usually works. To him, each new work is a new variable of that world constituted by an artwork. Someone told him once that he has a previous world which he created some time ago and what he actually does is change the properties of that image.

He imagined this project at the beginning of 2004. He already had the idea in his mind. What he likes most of it is that one can just play with one artwork, and modify all its visual aspects. He wants to keep a memory of this so every person can have his own artwork saved in this interactive web or program. The attributes one can change are almost every one of them, elements, textures, characters, shapes, colors and so on. Some of the changes in the artwork could be infinite, but he still has to explore that concept of infinity. He likes it to be as infinite as possible.

He found the painting on the street and already made his own artwork of that piece. That’s
what he usually does with every artwork. He works with constant intervention. Also, he’s
been doing some kind of interventions on works with religious themes, he sometimes puts
them on an altar, and in the center of the scene he puts his work. He believes the artwork
is an act of faith, it’s like something in which you believe, it’s equivalent to a religion.

Rodrigo believes in his own artwork. Even when he feels some mistrust, there’s always some belief in one’s artwork, he says. On the other hand, he has fun when changing the artwork; he finds a certain logic on it. He doesn’t go and look for it, but waits until something appears in front of him, or on the street, for example.

He often chooses landscapes to intervene them afterwards, because the landscape speaks about him, it’s like a mental state where he wants to be, just looking at the horizon, open and solitaire, a topos he would want for himself. In the landscape of the game, for example, there’s a melancholic feeling and some atmosphere with an open sky that inspires him.
Rodrigo invites everyone into the small beautiful world he created in his head. You can just shut the door to the real world and spend some time there, inside these fantastic virtual windows, which can be opened or closed, as you wish.

Text: Gisella Lifchitz
Photos: Gisella Lifchitz

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