HAPPENINGText: Yurie Hatano

Stikfas figures are one of most conspicuous works in the exhibition place. There is one big one about 180cm and other colorful normal sized figures. Stikfas started from one easy concept drawn on a sketchbook by Ban Y.J, who is now establishing a new genre of toys as an action figure kit which is well known in Japan and USA.

The exhibit of sound and light also makes visitors stop in their tracks as it cannot be figured out what it is at the first sight. This is from an idea by Randy Chan of Design Act, one of the designers who designed the Singapore pavilion. Using the sensors made of acryl, glass and steel, you can control sounds and lights.

A work from Jienshu by a product designer Jason Ong is a chair elaborating on both function and form. Regarding the concept and process as important, Jienshu keeps trying to reclaim furniture’s potential, adding to its functions and form.

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