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Technology has changed the way we perceive and live. From communication, entertainment to art, the advancement of technology has created new possibilities and new gaps that forms voids to be explored and filled.

One such void is the realm of digital fine art. Removed from reality unlike her physical cousins, mounted and hung under the halogen lamps of the gallery, digital fine arts is often hidden away from touch, from texture and from communal display.

“Painting in Time” a physical representation of the exploration of digital media uses printing technology to present itself in a traditional form of an exhibition in a gallery. Extracted from almost a thousand paintings to create cells, these cells are organised into eight thematic series and are printed via large-scale printers.

Created by local artist Yang Tien, his philosophy in the moment and emphasis on the process rather than the resultant has lead to the combination of contrasting colours coupled with composition and sensitive texture to create an array of diverse images.

With each passing moment as one moves through the gallery, one can remotely see the cityscape, recalling movement of people, of activity. Other moments it is as though one is transported into the depths of a person’s thoughts and heart. Weaving through the inner mental and metaphysical world of a lush landscape.

Digital medium allows the manipulation of forms and visuals to create a diverse mixture of texture and graphics. Pixels versus brush strokes. Sharp versus blur. The constant tension between the digital and the traditional realm creates many interesting pieces that capture the imagination of the viewer.

Time never comes to a stop. Neither does technology. We will never reach a conclusion. Just remember to pause and at a look out the window on this journey we call life.

Yang Tien “Painting in time: Animated art in new media”
Date: August 12th – 15th, 2004
Place: Epsite (EPSON Imaging Gallery)
Address: #03-18/19 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

Text: Fann ZJ
Images: Courtesy of Yang Tien

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