Art Express is on again, its an eclectic selection of (some) outstanding artworks of final year 12 high school students in New South Wales. These works are done for each students artmaking component of the HSC examination in Visual Arts, 2003.

The ideas and approaches for these works are as varied as the medium and forms used, which can include painting, drawings, photography, ceramics, sculpture, video work, graphic design, fashion and crappy appropriation of other famous artists works.

As with every selection each year, there are the outstanding works and there are the ones where you just cringe at why did the markers let this pass through?

I’m glad to say that there were more outstanding works to be seen this year, the traditional works such as sculpture, photography, drawings and paintings shone through for me because they displayed the raw talent of these young artists.

I was able to visit two venues that are showing the selected Art Express works. The Art Gallery of NSW and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery. My two favourite works were from Hazelhurst Gallery.

One was a suspended wire cage installation that had masses of plaster birds impalled through the centre resembling a cone shape object. The amazing construction of this installation was impossible to work out.

The other was 3 large digital prints title “Lux Et Nox – Digital Refunk” by Amelia Tan.

Featuring photographs of the artist this work and the abstract placement of these artistic photographs makes this work powerful. The mood and depth draws you in to explore its msytery more deeply.

Lux Et Nox – Digital Refunk 01/03

Lux Et Nox – Digital Refunk 02/03

Lux Et Nox – Digital Refunk 03/03

If you get the opportunity, make your way down to Hazelhurst Regional Gallery or AGNSW and check out the works before Art Express finishes up towards the end of March.

Art Gallery of NSW
Date: 30th January – 21th March 2004
Address: Project gallery, Ground Level

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre
Date: 7th February – 28th March 2004
Address: 782 kingsway Gymea

Text and Photos: Kevin Vo from Keepleft Studio

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