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HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

“Life Slice Camera” keep taking pictures every few minutes. This product is created by Life Slice Laboratory. It’s also going to be in the market in mid March. Life Slice Camera looks like a necklace so that everything people see will be taken as a picture. It enables you to hold “viewpoint” in common with other people; town you live, environment or communication. A prototype of this camera was purchased and used by NGOs working worldwide. “What do people do in unkown places?” The answers for this curiosity will be cleared through pictures with reality even with emotion.

Life Slice Laboratory “Life Slice Camera”

“Otodama” is the first game software for mobile phone created by Photon, who converts media art into computer games or mobile contents. It’s also released in mid March. Nowadays, the mobile phone is a high-spec game machine. “Otodama” is a kind of music game you crush “Otodama” (sound ball) which has a fragment of melody and link it to make music. You can enjoy the moment of a trip. Nowadays, a majority of people have a mobile phone which is a powerful multi media tool. So it’s a challenge of Photon to invade the situation with art works. Giving it excitement.

Photon “Otodama”

Ryota Kuwakubo pointed out the most interesting discussion in the brainstorming session between artists and stakeholders. He mentioned he would like to make art close to people. No matter how many of us or younger people think it is interesting, he would like to create art works which can be attractive, understandable or touchable even for older people or more open to public. He wishes to spread joy brought by creative things in the era where everybody lives with IT, converting the technology into a product. He doesn’t indulge in “cool” or “trendy” things. This is a common idea within the artists who participate in Artdemo.

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