I met Tcheupel Garanger at Milia 2002, in Cannes, he showed interesting series of short animations based on photography. Last month, he introduced his new work at the last BD4D Paris, so I interwiewed him.

Can you introduce yourself?

Tcheupel Garanger, born in France in 1975. (November 2nd: if you want to send me some prensents).

What is your background ?

After learning video at school in 1991, and then cinema in University (Paris 8), I turn into web accidentally because my video camera was broken. Then to continue to make image in motion, I bought a small digital camera, and making a lot of picture and use flash3 as a editing software for recreate the idea of motion. After that, I find a FTP server, and put some stuff on it.

What are your influences?

City, people, watching people moving in the city, and especially music.

How do you work?

I always start by hearing something, a music that I put in loop on my computer, or my MD, and just walking, thinking, and walking again in thinking about what kind of motion, images, I can add on it.
That’s why I bought a MiniDisc.

Can you introduce your actuality?

So I was in Tokyo in December 2002, for the Canon Digital Creators Contest, that was a wonderfull experiment, and now I am working again (after the BD4D video) on other videos stuff that I shoot in this crazy town, for mix it with of other videos that I will shoot in other cities. In August 2003 there is the File Festival (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Electronica) in Sao Paulo (Brazil) and I will try to make the travel for see differents things, and of course for shooting some videos. (That i will mix with other…bis)

What are your projects?

Actullay, I am working of video editing (again / always), and as I was did in the past for Acte 3 (taking a lot of picture every day and mix them) now the drank is to film a lot of differents things, as often as possible. I also thinking about different animation, and short story. (Work in progress…)

What do you think about contemporary creation?

I think of the good of creation in general, after that Contemporary or not, it is not very important for me, I give more attention has the Idea rather than has the time :/

Who are the artists that you appreciate?

For the music: Pink Floyd, the great time, (and always from time to time), also Axel willner (Cordouan) which I use one of his soundtrack in Acte3/Scene3 (August Video Project: 30 movie clips of 10 frames) Diagram of Suburban chaos, and in fact all the music I use in my projects. Something that I hear and just thinking that it is absolutely perfect, completely brilliant. Something that I would be able to create if I where a musician. But something I don’t have to create, because someone have already made excatly what I wanted to hear.

And about cinema, Takeshi Kitano is my favorite director since I saw “A scene at the sea” (Ano Natsu Ichiban Shizukana Umi ) a few years ago, and all his movie after this one… ( and I don’t say that because I am speaking in Shift Japan :).

And actually, my trip to Tokyo for the Canon Digital Creators Contest, was also a pretext for going to see the last Kitano ‘s Movie (Dolls), (don’t want to wait 6 months for see it in France), so after looking and looking or a place to see it in Tokyo, I finally find it in a small cinema in Shinjuku.. yeahhh (thanks to Office Kitano for the information 🙂

Text: Jerome Lacote from Endown

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