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HAPPENINGText: Jo Kazuhiro

The Sine Wave Orchestra (S.W.O.) which make the sea of sine waves, under the rule -one sine wave for one participant-, was held at Design Gallery, Hachioji Campus of Tama Art University in 4/18 with 40 or more sine waves brought by participants.

Following Kichijoji and Nagoya, S.W.O. happens for the 3rd time. This time, in addition to the sea of a sine wave, following 3 units, Oscilloscape by Akihiro Kubota, Soichiro Mihara, and Satoshi Yashiro from Tama Art University, KU/MA leaded by Christophe Charles from Musashino Art University, and “The Sine Wave Quartet” (S.W.Q.) which consists of core member of S.W.O., play simultaneously.

Sine Wave Quartet

Sine wave cannot be overlooked when considering sound. It also exists very closely to our everyday life as electric current flows from a wall socket. In S.W.O., each participant takes out their own sine wave and aims at transfiguring the space using the rule one wave, one person, one speaker.


Twilight visited after the explanation of the event outline by Akihiro Kubota and the performance of Oscilloscape started. At the hall where the laptop screen was projected, their performance wove in the pulse and the noise. A student who just entered this April listened to their performance attentively, pressed down an ear lightly, and was surprised.

Christophe Charles

Then, in the performance of KU/MA leaded by Christophe Charles known for the collaboration with “Oval” etc, sound of the precisely built sound lets out from five Mac was able to be heard. In continuing performance of “S.W.Q.”, in addition to Mac, the analog oscillator is used. Similar to “S.W.O.” they play only sine wave, and under performance, the spectrogram which visualized the sound had projected on the hall.

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