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HAPPENINGText: Sachiko Kurashina

Walking down to the south on Aoyama Avenue, the white “Sputnik Dome” appeared. Sputnik is an exhibition tour that goes around the world and the works were displayed under the theme of “Sputnik Spacelines”. Wall-shaped-speakers of Kunihiro Tsuji were really interesting and they could be found at the entrance of the dome. I heard the sound of a station from these speakers. Standing by them, I felt as if I were really in a station and the wave-like-sounds were pretty deep.

Sputnik Dome

It was a twilight time when I visited the dome. A live event was on with the theme of “universe” on that night and the dome with a DJ booth and a huge screen was full of expectation to that event.

“Sputnik Pad” was just around the corner from the dome and I saw the works of Jasper Morisson and Margot Barolo there.

Jasper Morisson “Sake Master”

“Sake Master” is the first Japanese tableware Morrison made. This tableware can be categorised as “a bone ash porcelain”. Simple designs, beautiful forms, and elegance of white colour, which only the bone ash porcelain can make, were outstanding. I also saw his plastic works but if I compared the weight or the touch of “Sake Master” to the plastic ones, the former was definitely better.

Works of Margot Barolo

I felt like holding tight them when I saw the works of Margot Barolo. Barolo is a designer living in Stockholm, Sweden. Does the fact that the winter in Sweden is really severe related to her works? I felt a heartful warmth from socks, blankets, baby blankets and gowns. Surprisingly, the works were lighter than I thought. The form of the gowns were similar to Japanese traditional wear “kimono” and the socks were like a pair of shoes in an European fairy tale.

Cat Street in Harajuku is a pedestrian precinct where many unique shops are and I saw many young people were enjoying of shopping. A fresh blue work of Klein Dytham Architecture could be found in front of a shop called “”.

Klein Dytham Architecture “Gummi (a gumdrop) bath”

The name of this work is “Gummi (a gumdrop) bath” and it consists of a washbasin, a bath tab and a shower room. The touch of the blue parts was very gummi! In addition, if I carefully looked at these blues, a swelling part was a friend of a bath time, Duckling and everybody there was saying “cute, cute” as touching them. The material of this blue part is called “techno gel” or “shape-memory gel” and it is usually used in a medical scene, such as in a seat of a wheelchair and a pillow in an operation. This is a resistible product for any impacts and good at retaining warmth. The fact that its heat retention is high, this material is suitable for a bathroom and people can avoid of being injured if they slipped. Not only lovely, but also it is a really clever space. The temperature on that day in Tokyo was 24 degrees but this bathroom covered with a Hawaiian blue blew me a fresh wind.

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