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Jesse and Eulogia are artists in the Netherlands working on a clothing project ‘Package’. Their concept is that clothes are packages which protect the human as a fragile product. Their new free style suggestion on clothing design is remarkable. We asked Jesse about their ‘package’ clothes and design scene in the Netherlands.

First of all, please introduce yourselves.

My name is Jesse so 73553 is my name (if jou flip the 3’s). I use that for my personal work. I’m a graphic designer (origin) but we also do furniture etc.. My partner is Eulogia and she does fashion design. When we work together we create a project name like (Package). We try to combine all disciplines and do things together that we like (without restrictions from clients).

Please tell us about your brand. What kind of activities are you currently doing?

Package is a free interpretation of package and clothing. We are preparing an exposition together with some other artists to present this project and separate I have my work as a graphical designer.

How do you start your ‘package’ project?

I dont really now it just happens Eulogia started questioning why is package so simple and why are clothing patterns so complicated, and then we saw packaged people and protection.

What made you start your brand?

It’s not a brand yet!! To make a brand like this would be eulogies dream but over here to start something like that is almost impossible.

Please tell us about your new ‘packaging clothes.’

The packaging clothes are very basic and simple, like packaging the funny thing about it its that if you put them on, it doesn’t look like they were made like you make a package for a box but its the same principle.

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