As long as it doesn’t rain, the best activity to spend the summer in London would definitely be out door events and festivals. On the last weekends of July in every year, an event called ‘Urban Games‘ takes place at South London area called Clapham Common. This year, we all thought British summer had ended last week., but we managed to have a great summery 3 days with temperature went up beyond 30 degrees during the time of Urban Games.

Urban Games features activities, which are enjoyed in urban area. This does not just mean sitting in front of TV screen and playing computer games, but it presents BMX, Skateboard, Break dance, and Graffiti art. Also there were stalls with individual and unique skate boarder and Graffiti goods. These are not necessary for urban dweller, but activities enjoyed wherever you are.

Graffiti artists from all over the UK came to Clapham common and participated to spray on the boards of the location over 3 days of the event. I felt the flexibility and hedonistic vibe of the event.

Graffiti art is a form of art, which does not often get under the spotlight of the stage. It rather stays in the deep part of the underground scene. But during these three days, the artists were able to express their creativity with the bright sunshine, without getting hassled by ‘intruders’.

Graffiti art is the true form of art that shows individual ideas and characters to the public. There is no work that looks same. The design is extremely important and artists carry their sketches, drafts of the works and other materials relating to their work. The work gets completes in front of the audience.

The remarkable point of its event is that there is no physical barrier between the audience and the participants, both are free to exchange conversation. Someone was carrying around a blank canvas and collecting tags form the artists and come some people were getting tags sprayed on their body. The artists and audiences are on an equal level.

Probably, working under these different condition and circumstances can produce good and diverse ideas and work.

Text and Photos: Natsume Shiroyama

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