View the forefront of design in some of its different forms: industrial, graphic, digital and interior. An exhibition presented by the Instituto de la Juventud has the aim of showcasing the work of the new generation. Commissioned by Marcelo Leslabay, the exhibition covers 150 projects from 33 designers who are all under 35 and attend design school. As well as pictures, one can view models, prototypes and finished products.

With the aim of distancing itself as far away as possible from the big designers, who already have an established status, and accumulate the national prizes in their sector year after year, this exhibition puts forward the most innovative and freshest ideas, and hopes to promote and encourage the activity of young designers. To show that there is life beyond Mariscal. Design school students present prototypes as varied as the car design, or the creation of a lamp fashioned from a cube of zinc. Designers who represent their own company will also be there, and are already beginning to set an example for others to follow.

The so-called new generation is constantly exploring its environment, with one of its main characteristics being the rapid adaptation to the changes brought about by society and the use of new technologies. Publications such as Neo2, Belio and Raro are the avant-garde leaders of editorial design. In industrial design we find, for example, HŽctor Serrano’s ‘Super potato’, a pillow-lamp made from natural latex and salt, that also serves as an anti-stress device, Jordi Llopis’ rocking-chair stool, or Mart’n Ruiz’s stool-screen amongst other curiosities. Other areas that stand out are designs related to aircraft interiors, one of them being Jaime Moreno’s design proposal for first class of the new 3XX Airbus or Mir+Padr—s’ interior design for the Boeing Business Jet, in which passengers are offered group activities such as steam bath, kitchen or chill out area, and the opportunity for each passenger to modify their own personal room, through a series of flexible spaces.

In short, this is an exhibition in which one can appreciate the work of some creators, the majority of which are still unknown, but who nonetheless represent the future of Spanish design. .

Time for design!
Date : 8th March to 15th April 2001
Place : Sala Amad’s
Address : JosŽ Ortega y Gasset, 71
Tel : 34 91 347 77 72

Text: Terevision Ruiz from Neo2 Magazine

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