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HAPPENINGText: Genki Sawazaki

RCB* – Real Clothing Brand, has developed into one of Hong Kong’s leading alternative fashion labels for two years now. The clothes made by the designer Vicky Lam‘s own spontaneous emotional convictions in his everyday life are pop and casual. It’s as if his lifestyle is reflected in those clothes.

For this fashion show, he represented his collection of simple and casual style with a stripe shirt of pastel color with a simple jacket. As the designer’s comment “I want to create something that make people who wear my clothes happy”, models showed rough walking and entertained the audience. His collection made us aware of the fact that we should just enjoy fashion as well as music.

The last one was Utopia Planitia, the talented design duo of Minnie Yeh and Charles Burrows from San Francisco. They coordinated slip dresses, coats and jackets in simple materials like denim, corduroy and silk but in unusual cuts, with jeans, pants and skirts, and created a feminine style. Their collection gave us a sharp sense in simpleness and the ‘strength’ of women using metallic accessories as an accent. The background music of comfortable beats helped to make the show successful and it was a complete fashion show.

This was the first event with switch this concept in Sapporo. Though it was held on a weekday, more than 1500 people came to see the fashion show. Each show of the four brands was really successful with strong individualities. As a whole, this Creative Works 2001 that aimed to send out the new creation of the new generation became a great success. The future development of this event is worth checking.

Date: October 2nd and 3rd, 2000
Place: Sapporo Factory Hall

Text: Genki Sawazaki
Translation: Mayumi Kaneko
Photos: Genki Sawazaki

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