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Takashi Murakami has been the center of the attention in the Japanese modern art scene ever since he made up his original character DOB-Kun a few years ago.  He runs an art factory Hiropon Factory that is firmly supported by many other artists. The exhibition that is now taking place at NADIFF(1) is a re-run of an exhibition that had been held at X-LARGE in L.A. At NADIFF there are a number of works created by the ‘factory members’ such as Mister, Yuki Morioka, Aya Takano etc. Also featuring a few works by Henmaru Machino and Bo-Me, this exhibition shows how much Takashi Murakami is good at art-directing exhibitions. The first talk session is already over the other day, but i’d like to participate in the second one to see Takashi Murakami who continually keep battling aginst the tradition in the art scene.

Gallery Talk; Change art! Purchase art!
Takashi Murakami vs. Rieko Osaka
Date: From Nov 27 Till Dec 25
Open 11:00 – 20:00
Address: B1 Caresole Harajuku, 4-9-8, Zinguu-Mae, Shibuya-Ku
Tel: 03-3403-8814

(1) Read the December issue of Design Plex and Studio Voice.
(2)Takashi Murakami has already exhibited and started selling his works at SHOP33. As he claims, working in collaboration with a shop like SHOP33 is necessary for contemporary artists. (The price is rather low, compared to usual art works. so many visitors purchase his works and appearently they seem to be sold out soon)

Text: Akira Natsume for Gasbook
Translation: Satoru Tanno for Shift Production

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