HAPPENINGText: Shinobu Koike

On the first June 4th after Hong Kong was returned to China, as usual the candle service for the Tienanman Crackdown was held and about 40,000 people fulled the Victoria Park under heavy raining.

The Pillar of Shame, a statue symbolising the Tienanman Crackdown, was relocated at the Victoria Park for a day, June 4th. This sculpture was created by Danish sculptor Jens Galschiot and displayed at the Victoria Park last June 4th. However it had been left without home for one year till this June 4th.

During the past one year, it had been refused by public places and universities to display permanently for the reasons of that the inconvenient size of this sculpture, the height is 8m and the weight is 2000kg, and/or the theme is politically too sensitive… It is still uncertain how this sculpture is going to be treated in the future.

Text: Shinobu Koike

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