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Eat! The Food Show, presents a collection of international and Australian artists who play with food in contemporary art in all its forms – painting, photography, installation, sculpture, video and performance works. Highlights of the show include Barry Humphries’s Cakescape (1958/98), a simulated landscape made of generic Australian sugar-treats, like lamingtons, swiss rolls, sponge fingers, hundreds and thousands, and fruit, rainbow tiara, marble, sponge, and fairy cakes. Also of note are Strange Attractions (1998), by Mishka Borowski, who has meticulously drawn erotic poses in white icing on a white wall, and “Noodle Girl” (1995) and “Noodle Boy” (1995) by Japanese artist, Majima Ryoichi, whose work consists of lifesize resin human beings in jacuzzi-sized soup bowls munching on noodles while watching TV. Read about these and otherartists at

Text: Karen Lee from Spike

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