HAPPENINGText: Nicolas Roope

It has been observed that as the world reaches the end of a century, culture, expecting a new order from the following century, goes beserk. This is no more evident than in the tendency towards opulence and decadence, an attitude gaining increasing momentum in the couture world.

Leading the way is the lovely Galliano. Of course Lacroix has become yet more sensational than ever, revelling in a mood which is more prevalent in his style than any other. The elaborate and exotic sensationalism so obviously present in the couture shows must, at some point, filter down to the street and into other art forms. This, of course, will be interesting as a hugely indulgent phase will be good for all of us.

Enjoy it while it lasts as we’ve not got long until the new century, which is bound to bring a sober realisation that we are at the start of the another millennium.

Text: Nicolas Roope

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