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PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

Roland is a considerate chap with many years of experience within the fashion arena. As founder and creative director of Whyred, he contributes to the Swedish fashion hit machine with, yet straight forms and sharp looks, a twist to the unexpected; timeless garments with resemblance to the cubism, the beatnik movement, the mod generation and pop culture. He keeps the firm close to art and music, both essential sources of Whyred´s inspiration. Whyred Art Projects originates to enhance this fact. The brand also likes to be playful with fabrics, such oil-coated and other textures. Whyred shoes have been outstanding items in every collection for men and women. All in all, through a steady philosophy and eager of new perspectives, the brand represents one of the most innovative faces within the European fashion scenario of the last decade. We wanted Roland to get himself into detail about it.

Whyred - Roland Hjort
Photo: Victor Moreno

How do you see the Scandinavian brands within the international fashion arena? How do you see yourself compare with other designers from France or UK.

I think Swedish brands in general have a typical Scandinavian clean and casual touch which are easy to identify in Europe. At Whyred we try to identify ourselves with the influence of more international brands such as YSL, Balenciaga and Jil Sander for the more luxurious experience of the brand. We are expanding in Europe right now and we’re hoping for an interest from the international market and that we will be compared as an international brand rather than that Scandinavian brand.


Whyred SS 2011 collection

Have you presented your last collection “Aspiration” in New York or Paris?

Our press agency had a pop up show room in Paris in November and our collection was appreciated for its prints and color palette. We currently work only with the Scandinavian market but will expand our press market to a international market as soon as we sell there as well.

How is the U.S market for you?

We do not sell in the US.

How does the Asian market work for you?

We have wholesale in Korea and in Australia.


Whyred SS 2011 collection

Regarding the quality of the product itself, how important is brand´s functionality for you?

The balance is always of importance.

What are you currently working with?

We just finished the fall collection of 2011; soon it will be introduced for the fashion week.

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