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HAPPENINGText: Victor Moreno

Henrik Vibskov A/W collection 2010

Sometimes it is great to see how far you can step aside from what is often quoted as a fashion show. The creative mind of Henrik Vibskov is aiming for that to happen.

Henrik Vibskov A/W collection 2010

He is used to show his collections within something else, a whole experience with a final twist. This time the event was to present the autumn-winter collection 2010. It was placed in a slaughter house in Ködbyn, the meat-packing district of Copenhagen. The event was scheduled into the different activities of the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The show was open to the public, people sincerely paid a high-price waiting in a long cue at the entrance for more than 40 minutes in a few degrees below zero, that actually didn´t matter to the audience who had high expectations about the show.

Henrik Vibskov A/W collection 2010

Once inside, still chilly, people was getting ready and positioning themselves, some beer to warm up. An open sheer space with different sculptures-installations made out of wood hanging down…It seems like they will spin? I wonder.

Henrik Vibskov A/W collection 2010

Next to the exit of the runway 4 podiums stand up, 4 musicians dressed in black gowns with white plastic caps with a wooden layer on top and oval-eyed mirror sunglasses. Just like Olympic swimmers waiting for the opening shot. The crowds were ready, show was on. Indeed, the wooden structures now were spinning.

The music was a blend of an slow dystopia with jazzing vibes, very atmospheric. Actually the oval mirror sunglasses and the hats were the most characteristic of this show, every look and Vibskov himself were wearing them. The shoes and the tartan coats were perhaps the highlight items of the collection.

Henrik Vibskov A/W collection 2010 – The Slippery spiral situation
HV design team: Henrik Vibskov and Maja Brix.
Date: 12th February, 2010
Place: AW10 Copenhagen Fashion Week
Address Slagterhusgade 4, 1715 Copenhagen

Text: Victor Moreno
Photos: Victor Moreno

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