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PEOPLEText: Kazumi Oiwa

M-Chair, 2007

Most of your works consist of daily objects including, tableware, furniture and interior objects. However, the works themselves are full with extraordinary shapes and colors. What is your concept and your commitment to material?
My main theme is freedom and pleasure. I have made the M-Chair which is made with pyramid blocks. It hurts when you sit down on it. However, it is rather beautiful and there are people who want to sit on the M-Chair. I think to be beautiful is the most important thing. Don’t you think ordinary is rather extraordinary?

International, Sendai

What was the motivation to launch ‘International‘? Whats the theme?

I serve as chairman for a council in my dear Sendai of which the purpose is to establish Sendai as an art capital. I wanted to put Sendai at the forefront of the world where we do not need a filter to see. That is why I launched International in Sendai three years ago. The theme is to create a more-evolved relationship between humans and objects.

High Times, Sendai, 2007

What triggered the production of High Times, the Champagne Bar?

A friend of mine requested me to do something fun in an 8 square feet store. So, we started with an idea of a room with Champagnes, cool and gorgeous, glittering gold, mirrored, upper-lighted, and elegant.

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