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HAPPENINGText: Vicente Gutierrez

At the TideMarket, was a great opportunity for meet’n’greet with designers and buyers alike. Lots of well-designed products and crafts from over 20 young and old designers on display…and sale!

DesignTide 2007

Inviting you into their world of sustainability, the “Treasures of Wasteland,” Secco dedicatedly practice their mantra of recycle and reuse by converting obsolete industrial products into high-quality and highly functional, not to mention visually appealing products.

DesignTide 2007
PoeM and Wasabeat, Photo: Monika Uchiyama

Not all items were for display of course, some were pocket sized: PoeM is carrying the torch for all the DIY enthusiasts out at Design Week was PoeM with his sturdy yet slick duct tape imbued wallets. Another eco-themed product from reused material, PoeM’s product’s have been produced for two years now and since their inception, the designer has yet to buy a wallet. Wasabeat is actually an online music store featuring club music which hosts several releases from independent and semi-major labels. Their USB mixtape brings back that analog feeling of a real mixtape in an age where music has gone digital.

If you were feeling the slightest bit lonely or blue at DesignTide, grab one of these cute stuffed bears:

DesignTide 2007
Ossu Syugeibu, Photo: Martin Holtkamp

Shoichi Ishizawa was representing this cleverly inventive group of craft artists – Ossu Syugeibu with an even more clever sense of humor. These ‘Robogurumi’ were an overall favorite- made from a dismantled toy puppies and reincarnated as a cute, granny-sheik moving and barking puppy monster.

DesignTide 2007
Blank, Golden Buddha Bear, Photo: Monika Uchiyama

The Blank fashion brand work to make our everyday lives more pleasant with clothing items as well as the Golden Buddha Bear made with their original technique of photo transferring. The army of 100 of these bears made for a bright corner at DesignTide.

Overall, an inspiration-full week which once again proved that DesignTide was one of the best shindigs of Tokyo Designer’s Week, and this was just a snippet of it all.

DesignTide 2007
Date: October 31th – November 4th, 2007
Place: Aoyama, Harajuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Marunouchi, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 5770 4127

Text: Vicente Gutierrez
Photos: Courtesy of DesignTide © the artists

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