HAPPENINGText: Shinichi Ishikawa

Recent years in Sapporo, we have many art’s events in November. If you are interested in art and planning to visit Sapporo, it might be also good to choose this season because there are many opportunities to enjoy local art, and to meet with the creators.

Let’s introduce “FIX MIX MAX !” exhibition of contemporary art held in this November. This exhibition mainly features Sapporo based or related artists although there are guest artists from other side of Hokkaido. The executive committee of this exhibition are also based on Sapporo galleries, which shows the exhibition is really local. The venue is Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, one of the galleries having the biggest exhibiting space in the center of the city. I would like to report about 5 works from the exhibition.

“My House”, Ikuko Imamura

Firstly, the entrance is interesting. There is a door in the place where should usually be open. This is a part of the first artwork “My House” by Ikuko Imamura. I heared there are some visitors who ask “is it still under construction?”.

“ALARMARAMA”, Tiorg Beer

Going through the entrance, I find an ordinal exhibition space. Covering one whole wall is “ALARMARAMA” by Tiorg Beer, which is a flat work with plastic sheets. This is a vigorous work resembling artificial jungle.

“Realistic Virtuality (Funhouse)”, Ryusuke Ito

“Realistic Virtuality (Funhouse)” by Ryusuke Ito proejects images of disrupt town on the screen. The images slowly move sideways. This is not only work of projected images, but there is a small set of the disrupt town in front of the screen, and a camera moving around the set project it in real time. The set is a model, of course, but the projected image looks real. This is a work resembling end of the world.

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