HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner, Anna Mentzel

We start the third day with lectures by Toormix and Oculart . Both show us their respective works. After the break, Wysiwyg and Tronic studio present their internet and motion graphics projects respectively.

Animation piece by Tronic Studio.

Then, Tomato presents the results of a workshop they were doing during the festival using a webcam and processing. The results are shown as an exhibition at the RAS bookstore, which is very close to the festival location. But the best part of their lecture is probably a review of different audiovisual installations and the response they generated with different users. Very effective yet simple ideas like shadows projected on a huge wall let the users experiment with their own size (depending on the distance between the focus lights and themselves).

Demonstration of Tomato’s workshop.

Tomato’s presentation is significantly different, and they show us a couple of very inspirational interactive art installations.

Shadows installation video during Tomato’s presentation.

After Tomato, Neville Brody appears on stage presenting himself as David Carson. “Hello, I am David Carson and I am here to show you some work from Neville Brody. Sorry that I didn’t show up yesterday, but my arrogance didn’t let me take my plane”. With those words Neville starts his presentation which quickly becomes a statement about revolution and fighting against the fear of being different. Neville Brody asks people to be themselves, not someone other people expect them to be. He also criticizes the world for being too globalized and controlled by fear: fear of being different, of loosing our jobs, of having no success, of fearing fear itself … He is also quite critical about the idea that design can be used as an instrument for manipulating the consumer’s mind, and he urges people to think and decide for themselves. Neville doesn’t show us a lot of great new work, but he gives an intensive speech, and makes us think. He is awarded with a huge warm ovation, applause he says he doesn’t deserve.

Neville Brody speaking to the audience at the conference hall.

At that point, with just one lecture left to close the festival’s conference hall, Yugo Nakamura is supposed to give his presentation in Japanese, which is translated into Spanish on stage. English-speaking visitors start to get their headphones for a much delayed English translation. The conference hall is completely full, and some people have to stay in the bar, because the accesses are blocked after the space gets too crowded.

Yugo Nakamura supported by the technical staff of the festival before starting his conference.

Yugo is a great interface designer, a genius that makes a difference. He shows us both personal and well-known commercial work such as Amaztype, Ecotonoha, Camcamtype, … We are overwhelmed when he shows us a photo blog project for sharing images with an amazing back-end flash interface. During the festival we were inspired by a lot of experimental work, but Yugo has the ability to transmit inspiration and delight by presenting his huge portfolio of commercial work. Client work can also be fun, and Yugo is a master when it comes to those great interface ideas with tiny incredible features for sorting information or visualizing it in different ways. He is able to do great innovative interface work while keeping it amazingly usable.

Yugo’s conferences beats audience records and some people have to stay out.

This is certainly a great finale for one of the best OFFF festivals ever – considering the lectures we have been to so far.

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