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HAPPENINGText: Eduard Prats Molner, Anna Mentzel

The second day starts with typographical lessons by Unos Tipos Duros followed by doubleyou creative director, Joakim Borgstrom. He shows us the current state of interactive advertisement and the future possibilities when almost every user will have a camera and a microphone implementedinto their computers. The interactive revolution has hit the ad world, but the best is still to happen.

Joakim Borgstrem, doubleyou. His T-shirt says: “We look for talent”.

Later in the afternoon, Branden J Hall, a programmer working with Joshua Davis, talks to us about genetic algorithms and neural networks, and their ability to virtually create a kind of natural selection of what he calls the machines, systems which generate and select what’s beautiful. Here, randomness is considered as mutation. Unfortunately, Branden doesn’t show anything to the audience except for an ugly power-point presentation. The presentation might have been interesting for the programming community, but ultimately fails since there is no direct relationship to the results presented to the audience. Branden says (referring to Joshua Davis) “He makes it pretty, I make it work”. In fact, he is telling us that he is the guy who programmed the above mentioned “spacebar method”.

Branden J Hall during his intervention at the conference hall.

After Branden Renascent presents his last motion work which was based on the OFFF 2005 clip itself. He shows us the different parts of the clip and the tricks he used for producing it.

OFFF 2005 videoclip by Renascent.

Unfortunately another lecture we were really waiting for doesn’t happen: David Carson misses his flight and can’t give his presentation. This problem seems to have happened several times in the past years according to what a very disappointed organization tells us. But the frustration turns into joy, when Jared Tarbell takes his place and presents a lecture he prepared for the Flash Forward Conference in San Francisco. He mesmerizes us again with the Evolving Computational Creatures which contain a set of experiments based on recursion and neighborhood algorithms for generating organic systems, living creatures and all those other things that seem to be real. Again, he wins a big applause from the audience.

Some of the computational creatures from Jared Tarbell.

Amit Pitaru and James Paterson in trouble before starting their presentation.

James Paterson’s drawings moved by one of Amit Pitaru’s tools.

The second day ends on a great note when Amit Pitaru and James Paterson, after being messed up by a lethal virus in James laptop, show us the origins of the Wire Sonic Sculptor, a 3-D drawing environment for illustration and animation. They also present some of the drawing animation tools they used for some extraordinary commercial work such as a video-clip for Bjork. Great stuff! Despite the difficulties of the weird beginning, they came up with a very nice demonstration.

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