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HAPPENINGText: Ilaria Ventriglia

From Tim Noble & Sue Webster, a light at ground level illuminates a sculpture made out of refuse projecting shapes onto the opposite wall. Moving on then to Modern Art up until Jim Lambie for the Modern Institute. The living room old style of Candice Breitz has nine monitors each obsessed with a personality from Dallas representing the Italian gallery of Francesca Kaufman. From the cardboard house by Costa Vece to Franco Noero or noir painting by Italian Alessandro Pessoli from Anton Kern. And then 50 magazines, both American and international, and a few institutions.

Candice Breitz, 2002, Diorama. Nine-Channel Video installation. Courtesy Galleria Francesca Kaufmann

In the Art Galleries section some galleries decided to share their space such as Italian Massimo De Carlo who is with Casey Kaplan from New York, or the successful German example in which three galleries from Berlin, the Klosterfelde, and neugerriemschneider have joined forces and presented just big sculptural installations, by John Bock, Andreas Slominski and Jorge Pardo.

Costa Vece, “Adonde vas mi vida?”, 2002. Mixed media, variuos dimensions. Courtesy Galleria Franco Noero, Torino

On the beach, not far from the Convention Center, is Art Positions. It looks like a holiday camp, twenty containers used by young galleries for alternative offerings and a look at what could be the future of contemporary art.

We are looking at China Art Objects from Los Angeles, the young Fa projects from London, the amusing Jack Hanley gallery from San Francisco with work by Chris Johanson, a young artist from San Francisco whose presence is felt, Anthony Goicolea, Sandroni Rey from Venice or Rare from New York.

An electric atmosphere, music and drink at dusk. A hiccup only on the first day when the air conditioning system (a must for surviving between the metal walls and a crazy American obsession) gave up, leaving the gallery owners in a state in tension.

Everywhere you see a bright pink sign, something is going on and Miami seems to be partying like it was a huge village fete. There is a programme of video art and a video collection at Art Vide Lounge, sculptures and installations spread around the city under the name of Art Project.

Art Loves Design invades the streets, galleries and showrooms of the Miami Design District. Until late at night if offers a showcase of music, performance, food and over fifteen exhibitions.

During the morning, thanks to the generosity of a number of collectors, the doors are open on public and private collections such as the Rubell Family Collection or the Margulies Collection, visited by real school trips; in the evening one is spoilt for choice amongst the numerous parties.

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