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PEOPLEText: Sachiko Kurashina

Clubking has been exploring the new ways of expression by distributing free paper, dictionaries, and radio and video dictionaries. Their policy is to break the restrictions and invisible pressures from the world. What sort of message has been in the latest CD and DVD?

Please introduce yourself.

Clubking is an organisation which has distributed the free paper “dictionary” since 1998 and provided “the free expression place” without regard to media.

You have been making many types of media, such as a dictionary, a radio dictionary, a video dictionary and this DVD. Have you got any interests, thoughts and policies to the new media?

To grope for the new way of expression using the new time’s media as weapons and break the restrictions from the world and the invisible pressure.

Please tell us the contents of the antiwar radio CD, S21 that has been released.

It’s all about “flipped snakeman’s lid”.

What is your opinion about the terrorism that happened in the USA?

Too much heavy propaganda and operating the information. The end of the rational world and the beginning of the post modern.

Please tell us the DVD “vdic” which has recently been released.

We think the web and the Internet are similar to the network which we have been making. We’ve been through the challenge of linking images and webs as well. This media has just started. The image of small letters is vital. The image works from fifteen artists were compiled in alphabetical order with using the network in this DVD. There is the aspect of comprehensive of VIDEO dictionary in this DVD. This “vdic” was made as the expression of the image media but we are feeling the power to DVD as the media more than that. This DVD was made to promote, not to release so that if you would like to have one, please contact to this address. (the person in charge: Okagawa).

What reactions to the various types of media you presented have you received? Have you found any good ideas, which might be useful for the next project, from those reactions? Or have they inspired you?

We had an experimentation of totally different images from TV in “VIDEO dictionary” and received many interesting opinions from those who felt resistance or who felt new to it. Also, the people, who participated in “T-shirts as Media” by creating designs and just participated in the exhibition, said that they felt sympathy with experiencing the media experimentation as not making T-shirts, selling and buying. We think the most interesting point there is that the opinions to the media inplies each person’s way of life. Not only “dictionary” but also all medias are based on “the place where you can freely express yourself” and we believe that the reason of success of continuing this project for sixteen years is that all influences and cooperation from people around us have been circulating in a good way.

How do you feel about the current Japanese media scene including DVDs?

Everything looks the same. Nonpolitics. Rationalism.

Please tell us about your future projects.

Everything is accumulated experience.

Please leave a message to Shift readers.

The media, which we have been seeking, should be the one which can ask you questions to things that are said “this is right, this is cool” to the public. We are going to update the latest information of Clubking on the web so please visit if you are interested in.

Media Clubking
Address: 5-38-15 Shimouma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 (0)3 3418 3399

Text: Sachiko Kurashina

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