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PEOPLEText: Timo Linsenmaier

And now you’ve decided to bring out the design album 800*600. How did that start?

800*600 was started as a small personal project. We just wanted to do a small graphic design album with works of Hungarian designers and with some guest “stars” of the international design world, but after some great feedbacks on the idea we thought maybe we should think bigger and compile an international book. So we announced a call for entries for the book on some major design portals like Surfstation, K10K, etc…

Give us some more details, please.

800*600 is a unique, international compilation of full page artworks by some of the most talented graphic designers, illustrators and photographers of our time. We have invited these artists to compete and show the audience the wide range of trends and styles in visual culture in 2001. What’s common in these people is that they all publish their work on the web, which is a very dynamic, rapidly evolving place. Things disappear after a while and get replaced with new stuff all the time. If you want to look for graphic design from for example 3 years ago, you probably won’t find anything. So the basic idea behind this project is to somehow “archive” the current state of graphic design and visual culture in a book that you can hold in your hands for decades. It’s a bit similar to IMGSRC100 which was published by you, but – at the same time – it’s a totally different concept.

Design by Lorant Demeter

There must have been a lot of different creators applying, handing in a lot of different works?

We couldn’t believe our eyes: in about a months’ time we have received more than 400 pages of wonderful artworks from all over the world, and to our surprise most of them are from people and agencies that we have always highly respected… We have selected about 180 pages to be featured in the album, and right now we’re working on the layout. We would like to have the albums printed at the beginning of December so the people can get them before Xmas. There’s a preorder form on our page. There will only be a limited number of copies of the album, so if you don’t want to miss it, fill out the form as soon as possible.

Sounds like the thing to do! Last but not least, do you already have plans for future projects?

We are always full of ideas, but we hardly ever have the time to realize them. First of all, a dream would come true if we could finally put together the international version of Inertia, and we have several offline projects in store, but that’s a secret. Also, we have plans to make a series from 800*600 with a compilation every year or so, but of course this depends on the success of the first edition. I hope you will like the book!

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Text: Timo Linsenmaier

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