HAPPENINGText: Jo Kazuhiro

On the the second day the morning presentations, entitled “A light morning interface” consisted of “ActiveHeart System: A proposal and implementation of a graphic and haptic simulation of heart beats” by Nakao et al. of Kyoto Univ., “Flat3D: Drawing a 3d Scene with Freehand Sketching” by Tobita et al. of SonCSL and the research of the modeling of a string-like object by Sudo et al. of Kyoto Univ.

The interactive sessions on Day 2 were conducted with a short break. The audience was treated with presentations of various research regarding Head-Mounted Wireless peripheral device by Matsushita Of Toshiba, Interactive Electric Whiteboards by Bandou et al. of Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, a support system for learning music on a sensory board in conjunction with a projector using RFID tags by Kasunoki et al. of Tama Art Univ., an interface for Geometric Curve Input by Sequential Freehand Drawing by Sato et al. of Muroran Institute of Technology, “Meeting Pot: Informal Communication Support in Ambience” by Shio of Tamagawa Univ., Mima of the Future Univ of Hakodate, a 3D visualization file structuring system using a metaphor of a tree by Nishimoto et al. of Tokyo Univ., “Time-ART” a tool for analysis of video data using spatial configuration by Yamamoto et. al. of Nara Institute of Science and Technology etc.

Following which were the presentations such as “The Relationship between arrangement participants and comfortableness of conversation in HyperMirror” by Morikawa et al. of National Institute of Bioscience and Human Technology, “Design of Rational Agents” who interact and communicate with other agents by Takada et al. of ATR, “The effective use of Head Pose and Position for Windows Interface system” by Kitaiima et al. of Univ. of Electro-Communications, “Multi-National Translation System” by Ogata et al. Seikei Univ. were presented.

The 2nd day’s best interactive prizes were awarded to “An interface for Geometric Curve Input by Sequential Freehand Drawing” and “Meeting Pot”, and this year’s ‘Interaction 2001’ finally came to an end.

The world of interface/interaction is something you can understand first by experiencing with your eyes and hands. Seldom can one experience this many presentations of current research at one time and the symposium became a good reference for the future development of information technology. I hope that in the future both technological engineers and artists/designers collaborate to create products of technical excellent and user attractiveness.

This symposium will be held next year as well and I suggest any of you who are interested in these ideas to try and participate further in their next development. Even just visiting the place as one of the audience could lead you to some good ideas and inspirations.

Interaction 2001
Date: March 4th and 5th, 2001
Place: Waseda University Tokyo
Address: 1-104 Totsukacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Text: Jo Kazuhiro
Photos: Jo Kazuhiro

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