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HAPPENINGText: Jo Kazuhiro

During the first interactive presentation after lunch the audience enjoyed another array of research in which new interfaces and interactions were displayed. A musical presentation performed by stuffed toys containing sensors by Yonezawa et al. of ATR, wearable musical instruments “CosTune” by Tada of ATR and Nishimoto of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology et al., touch panel with click sensitivity “Active Click” by Fukumoto of NTTdocomo.

“Tactile Display Mouse” by Sakamaki et al. of FujiXerox, Planisphere boards using accelerated sensors and geomagnetic sensors by Tava of Keio SFC, a Platform for Controlling Public Display with Mobile Phones by Oliver Liechti et al. of ATR, the development environment of the application by the Active Cube system containing various sensors by Ito et al.of Osaka Univ., an interactive communication system using a transparent sphere display “i-ball” by Ikeda et al. of Tokyo Univ., etc. From these interactive presentations the audience could gain some understanding of the researches engineer involved in this field.

The next set of presentations related to an information browser called “AssociaView” created by Abe et al. of NTT, an information visualization system “XML-VL” using a constraint of XML by Hosobe et al. of the National Institute of Informatics, and the graphic editing technique “Hypersnapping” using snapping by Masui of SonyCSL.

The awards ceremony and party was held that night. The above-mentioned “Data Tiles” and “Multimodal Translation System” (a system to add visual image to voice translations) by Ogata et al. of Sekei Univ. were commended as the best paper prizes, and “Active Click” and “Tactile Display Mouse” were commended as the 1st day’s best interactive prizes.

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