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HAPPENINGText: Julien Villaret

In another part of the plant, there is a set of chairs and table and a television on which you can watch a fashion show of models coming into the room you are sitting in who dress and undress the chairs. This is Hussein Chalayan Autumn/Winter 2000 show, a fashion designer who manages to combine humour and creativity…. indisputably different.

Hussein Chalayan, Autumn/Winter 2000 Show

The last building is dedicated to look and body: “Decors ˆ corps”. A multitude of creators inspired by fashion and science-fiction present really unusual objects, ornaments and sceneries. Among them, I noticed Barnabe, a hair dresser who created different wigs. Topolino occupies a stand where he offers various mystical objects added in a make-up. Xitron who works on transformation made some syringe-finger rings, and kits for sexual changes… Patrick Veillet, more poetic displayed some much lighter and animal ornaments like for instance that transparent resin spine.


Seraphin Ducellier built a video space between mirrors and a gigantic air filled sculpture. Just behind, a Philip Treacy hat exhibition. Globally, this exhibition is dedicated to self image and leads to an idea of fashion in the future.

Seraphin Ducellier

Last but not least part of the techno exhibition, I must not forget to mention the bar and refreshment stall, with its excellent sandwiches and iced “pastis” and of course Niele Toroni who set six different Bowling pitches (to play “petanque” which is a typical french game where you have to aim at and go as close as possible to a small wooden ball, with some heavy metal balls). These also contributes to the special casual and friendly atmosphere of the spot.

Overall, I really enjoyed visiting this exhibition. Avignon itself is beautiful, and the idea of spliting the exhibition in different places gives us a better chance to discover and appreciate the city… South of France in July is so sunny !!! Pitefully, I am less enthousiastic about some of the works. In my opinion, only half of it deserves to be shown. Moreover, the neighbourliness of some of the artists is not that fortunate.

Nevertheless, I noticed some very good things, from the global techno to Turrell’s or Kapoors setups, the variety of styles allows us to discover some really unusual setups and to immerse in different trends. I would personnaly recommend a whole day visiting the Transfo site, playing “pétanque”, having lunch at the Pastis (named after the most popular aperitif drink in the south of France), spending the afternoon viewing videos in the FG building and even the evening while you’re at it. Besides, all summer, FG organises some “electronical music” parties enlivened by well known DJs such as Laurent Garnier, Mental Overdrive etc.. Anyway, “Beauty” in Avignon already sounds like holidays.

La Beauté en Avignon
Date: May 27th – October 1st, 2000
Place: Avignon, France

Text: Julien Villaret
Photos: Julien Villaret

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