西の河原Sai no Kawara

© Kamoenai Village

© Kamoenai Village

Originated from one of the Ainu word that means “beautiful mysterious freshwater”, Kamoenai village in Hokkaido is an area located by the ocean with such beautiful and mysterious scenic viewsアイヌ語で「カムイナイ」(美しき神秘な沢)を由来とする、その名にふさわしい景観が広がっている北海道・神恵内(かもえない)村。「西の河原」をはじめ、奇岩「窓岩」、「竜神岬」など、まさに神秘的で美しい景観が海岸沿いに望める。




神恵内村 西の河原
such as Sai no Kawara, a bizarre rock “Window Rock”, and Cape Ryujin.

Located in the west of Shakotan Peninsula, Sai no Kawara (photo) is a sacred place rooted in various legends and also called as a garden of god. Once people could visit by walk, it is now a secret place where is accessible only by a boat.

In Kamoenai village, there are other places to visit such as hidden sight “Naka no Taki”, Tomarunuma which was a setting for the Ryujin legend, and Kamoenai 2000 Nen no Mori Park. You will enjoy experiencing vast nature in Kamoenai village.

Including Kamoenai village, the Shakotan Peninsula is known for a rich source of seafood. As the ocean around the peninsula has a high salt level, which is unusual phenomenon in the world, there are hot springs with a carbon-rich gas. Recommended to visit for seasonal food and nature.

Sai no Kawara
Address: Kamoenai, Kamoenai Village, Hokkaido
Tel: 0135-76-5011 (Kamoenai Village)

Translation: Mariko Takei

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