西村計雄記念美術館Musée Kéou Nishimura

Keiyu Nishimura "Glacier", 1977, Oil on canvas © Keiyu Nishimura Museum of Art

Keiyu Nishimura "Glacier", 1977, Oil on canvas © Keiyu Nishimura Museum of Art

Musée Kéou Nishimura opened its door in 1999, situated in the scenic hills from where you can view a rural landscape of Kyowa-cho, Hokkaido. It is a memorial museum of a Paris-based artist北海道共和町の田園風景を見渡す丘陵地に1999年に開館した「西村計雄記念美術館」は、共和町の出身でパリを拠点に活動した画家・西村計雄(にしむら・けいゆう/1909〜2000)の作品を常設展示する記念美術館。西村氏の作品を中心に約5,500点を収蔵。季節ごとにテーマをもとに入れ替えて展示を行っている。




入館料:一般 500円、高校生 200円、中・小学生 100円
Keiyu Nishimura (1909-2000) who was born in Kyowa-cho, showcasing permanent exhibition of his works. Housing over 5,500 artworks including many of Nishimura’s pieces, it presents different exhibitions under seasonal themes.

Nishimura’s talent was flourished after his flight to Paris, found by an art dealership of Picasso, Kahnweiler. As he was 42 years old in 1951, he visited Paris to set his base there, and traveled around the Europe to draw many landscapes. Among them, his paintings drawn grand view of mountains such as Alps became one of his lifelong motif which he kept painted over again until his later years.

Nishimura’s painting is attractive with his dynamic composition and unique balance depicted by refined lines and colors. His vibrant artwork evokes people’s hearts. He has established such his style in the 70’s in Paris and later in Japan, and gained a certain reputation. As you see his works of Niseko mountains in Kyowa-cho where he has painted, you can view the same landscape in a different way.

Nishimura’s paintings can be viewed at Keiyu Nishimura Museum of Art located in Arai Memorial Museum of Art in Iwanai-cho. You can enjoy touring other museums such as a literary legend Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum in Niseko-cho, an artist and painting teacher of Nishimura, Kida Kinjiro Museum of Art in Iwanai-cho, and a Nishimura’s friend Shu Ogawara Museum of Art in Kutchan-cho.

Musée Kéou Nishimura
Address: 143-2 Minami Horoni, Kyowa-cho, Hokkaido
Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (addmision till 16:30)
Closed on Monday (if Monday is a holiday, then next weekday)
Admission: General 500 yen, High School 200 yen, Junior (High) School 100 yen
Tel: 0135-71-2525

Translation: Mariko Takei

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