有島記念館Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

© Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

© Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum

Takeo Arishima was a famous writer who influenced Hokkaido’s Art History by establishing the “Kuroyuri-kai” (Black Lily Society) in 1908 at Sapporo Agricultural College北海道美術史に多大な影響を与えた「黒百合会」の設立や、「白樺派」のメンバーとして活動した文学をはじめ、明治から大正にかけて多岐に渡り功績を残した有島武郎。有島記念館は、その活動を紹介する施設として有島農場があったニセコ町に1978年に開館、初版本や写真、書簡、絵画などを展示している。




入館料:高校生以上 500円、中学生100円
(present day Hokkaido University). Arishima gathered students who were interested in the arts and established the “Kuroyuri-kai.” As a member of the literary group “Shirakaba-ha” (the White Birch Group), he made an enormous contribution to literature throughout the Meiji and Taisho periods.

Arishima’s first edition works, pictures, letters and paintings are on display at the Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum in Niseko, which opened in 1978 at the site of the former Arishima farm in order to introduce the writer’s life and movement in which he took part.

Among his best-known masterpieces are “Descendant of Cain (1917)” a story set in Niseko, “The Agony of Being Born (1918)” set in Iwanai-cho, “Chiisaki monoe (1918)” and “A Certain Woman (1919)”. It was only later in life in Asahiyama’s novel “Oyako” (Parent and Child) where places such as the “parent and child slope” closely associated with Arishima’s life in Niseko appeared.

Takeo Arishima’s Novel “The Agony of Being Born (1918)” was modeled on the story the artist Kinjiro Kida, who spent his life in Iwanai-cho. To commemorate the novel’s theme, Arai Memorial Museum in Iwanai-cho set up a special exhibit including works by Hokkaido-based artists called “The Agony of Being Born.” Materials related to Takeo Arishima’s works are also displayed.

The “Shiribeshi Museum Road” connects the Kida Kinjiro Museum of Art in Iwanai-cho, the Musee Keou Nishimura in Kyowa-cho, the Shu Ogawara Museum of Art in Kutchan-cho, and the Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum in Niseko providing a glimpse of the early years of Hokkaido’s art culture during the Meiji to Taisho Period.

Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
Address: 57 Arishima Niseko-cho, Hokkaido
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00(Admission until 16:30)
Closed: Monday (If Monday is a Holiday, the next weekday)
Admission: General and High School 500 yen, Junior High School 100 yen
Tel: 0136-44-3245

Translation: Julie Morikawa

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