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HAPPENINGText: Azusa Igeta

The New Orleans Marching Band was projected in black and white on the darkened screen. From the sense of choosing the dynamic feeling in this city where the chemical reaction of culture once occurred and created new music as the opening, people can see that CC’s love and respect towards cultures.

Photo: Rai Shizuno © CINEMA CARAVAN

The performance began with a drum beat that corresponded to the marching band members who kept the beat with their whole body. On the screen, the state of the mobile movie theater that CC has created is projected, such as footage in nostalgic countryside, glittering beaches, urban buildings and so on. CC gathers individuals who each have their own skills; photographers, carpenters, musicians, artists, restaurant owners and cinema directors. They all use their talents and create artworks together.

Play with the Earth, Zushi 2020 © CINEMA CARAVAN
Drum: NAOITO, Vocal & Percussion: Gen Nagashima, Violin & Guitar: Otoji + Ray, Flute: Maki Saito, Keyboard: BOCCHI, Guitar: THG (Toshizo Shiraishi), Guest Drummer: Yoshio Kobayashi, Special Guest: UA

The beautiful melody that integrates with the video is performed by “Play with the Earth orchestra,” composed of musicians who are closely related to CC. They are like a storyteller of this work who has spun stories with Mr. Shizuno at home and abroad. In addition, having the drummer, NAOITO, as a member of CC in the orchestra, the two different expressions, video and music, wonderfully resonated since he had traveled together and shared the scenery on the screen with Shizuno.

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